[Ansteorra] the calendar

mike young uther at lcc.net
Fri Apr 18 07:08:45 PDT 2003

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Hello and a good day to everyone!
I know everyone doesn't have internet access, but if those who read this could please help me spread this information, I would be very much grateful.
Please do not send me calendar requests via CERTIFIED mail.
I am not home during the day when the post comes therefore they take it back to the main postoffice.  I work out of town and it is VERY difficult for me to get there to pick up your request.
I certainly understand your information is very important and a lot of us have had trouble with the mail, but when making your choice of methods to mail a request, please do not choice something that involves me having to sign something<G
If you have any questions, please feel free to call , email or write me.
in service,


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