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We went and got one today.  Some of the corner pieces were a little squished
in and we had to work to get all the poles far enough into the corners to
get the canopy to fit correctly.  Ropes and stakes are really cheap, so plan
on replacing it. It has a vented top, so don't plan on it being water-proof
(even though it is scotchgarded), but it will keep the canopy from being as
much of a parachute in the wind.

Our plan is to leave it up in the back yard for a week and see how it goes.
It took about 30 minutes for the 3 of us to set it up.  The little white
tags labeling "Part 3", "Part 6" etc., won't stay on when wet, so we were
thinking that some reflective paint on the different parts might help for
night time set-up.  The walls are pretty cool, too. The top has square dags.

What Llywelyn is concerned about is how it will hold up to being taken down
repeatedly. I have e-mailed the distributor (it's made in China) to inquire
about replacement parts. There is a durability issue.

All in all, it makes a very nice list field or kitchen pavillion for a
household or a small group.

Thank you for letting us know about this find.

Mistress Xene

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Was at Wal-Mart today and bought something others might be interested
in.  (Just searched the online site and it isn't listed there yet)  It is a
Better Homes and Garden's Castle Peak Pavillion.  It was $99 and is 10X14 I
think.  The fabric is a tan color and it has the crenelated (I think that
is it, my herald in resesidence is visiting Namron) edges-or maybe that is
dagged, and they are trimmed in a brown.  The sides are on rods can be held
around the post with a tie or zipped together.  It has 6 posts and 6 side
sections, any of them can be closed at a time-giving you great
flexability.  The support rods are a little over an inch in diameter and
are steel that is powder coated a darkish brown color with a texture to it,
much nicer looking than my other two pavillions.  The guy at the store said
he has put it up by himself, so it should be fairly easy to put up and down
at events.

The store I was in (for those in Tulsa, on Memorial around 43rd) had 20 or
so of them in stock, so they should be easy to find currently,

Susan the Curious

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