[Ansteorra] Pavillions

Aurore Aurore at hot.rr.com
Tue Apr 22 16:57:51 PDT 2003

Sorry about the last one.  Cut and Send are next to each other.  Any word
back yet abou the tent?  Has anyone found the website with a pic?  Aurore

> Greetings!
> We went and got one today.  Some of the corner pieces were a little
> in and we had to work to get all the poles far enough into the corners to
> get the canopy to fit correctly.  Ropes and stakes are really cheap, so
> on replacing it. It has a vented top, so don't plan on it being
> (even though it is scotchgarded), but it will keep the canopy from being
> much of a parachute in the wind.
> Our plan is to leave it up in the back yard for a week and see how it
> It took about 30 minutes for the 3 of us to set it up.  The little white
> tags labeling "Part 3", "Part 6" etc., won't stay on when wet, so we were
> thinking that some reflective paint on the different parts might help for
> night time set-up.  The walls are pretty cool, too. The top has square
> What Llywelyn is concerned about is how it will hold up to being taken
> repeatedly. I have e-mailed the distributor (it's made in China) to
> about replacement parts. There is a durability issue.
> All in all, it makes a very nice list field or kitchen pavillion for a
> household or a small group.
> Thank you for letting us know about this find.
> Mistress Xene

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