[Ansteorra] In need of directions to Guardian of the Tor

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I assume you will be coming down I35?

When I35 splits, take the I35W exit.
You will keep going south, past I-20. You will proceed for about 20 miles,
Take the HWY 67 exit and follow the directions on the Tor's site:
"Take the Cleburne Exit HWY 67 and go West Aprox 30 miles on your Left will
be Co rd 317 Turn Left follow to site. If you reach Glen rose you've gone to

If you are coming from I-45:
Take I45 south until yu get to I-20.
Go west on I-20 and exit I-35W South (**not I-35E**)
Then follow the direction above.

The Co Rd 317 is really just a tiny side street. You will come across it
right after you cross the the huge iron bridge that takes you over the
Brazos River. This site is located on the Brazos.

They should be putting out signs right at the county road and HWY 67. This
is a really easy site to find.

I hope this helps. If you need a map to see where 35W and 67 is use Cleburne
as your city.


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>I'm sorry for the bandwidth, but I noticed the directions to the Broken O
>the Brazos are incomplete on the Dragonsfire Tor website.   There are a few
>of us coming from Northern Ansteorra that have never been to this site and
>we'd really like to get there without getting too lost.  =)  It says 4
>N. of Glen Rose on CR 317.  Is there a sign stating which direction to turn
>to their site?  And, how far from HWY 67 is the ranch?  We just want to
>complete directions before we leave.  Thank you in advance for your help.
>Jorunn Gunnarsdottir
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