[Ansteorra] event announcements

mike young uther at lcc.net
Sat Apr 26 09:17:24 PDT 2003

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Greetings Ansteorra,

If those of you with web access could share this info with your groups , I would be very appreciative.
Just to avoid problems here is a good rule of thumb for making SURE your event announcement makes it:

IF the mail service is working the way it should, I would think 3 working days would be enough for me to receive a letter via regular post from anywhere in Ansteorra.
I usually get the postings done the next day...if I'm at an event and it comes on a Sat., it might be Tues. before you see it online.

My advice for those worried about their info., especially if it is time sensitive, is to wait one week from the day you sent it to see if it appears on the online calendar.  If not, email or call me.
I will be aware of the problem and should your letter not arrive within 2 MORE days, I'll let you know so you can re-send.

Calling me BEFORE you mail it to let me know you are GOING to do it, really doesn't help.
And I can almost promise you, if you mailed it 3 weeks ago and it's not on the online calendar, I haven't seen it.

in service,


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