[Ansteorra] Assistance Needed.

Fulco of Scarborough fulco at fulco.net
Sat Apr 26 12:53:02 PDT 2003

Greeting everyone!
	I need a little assistance with a project I am working on.  I am
needing to see if anyone who attended the Pilgrimage to St. Adalbert's or
any other SCA or Faire event might be willing to contribute a one or two
paragraph review of the event and rate it on a scale of 1(lowest) to
10(highest).  Please provide your full name (SCA or mundane), email address,
and a link to the event website, if you have it.  I will give you full
credit for your contribution and you may provide a link to your website if
you would like.
	I appreciate any assistance you are willing to provide.  I will send
you a link to the project online once it goes into the testing phase.  It
the wonderful support of your fellow SCAdians that makes the Society so
strong.  I thank you all in advance for your help.

Yours in Service,
Fulco of Scarborough

Fulco at fulco.net

Vincit imitationem veritas.

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