[Ansteorra] Favors for the Troops

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Sun Apr 27 14:40:54 PDT 2003

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     The tradition in the middle ages was to send a soldier to battle
carrying a favor.  It has come to our attention that other Kingdoms are
sending favors to their members who are deployed overseas and we would like
to join them in honoring our Ansteorran soldiers.
      If you think this is a good idea and would like to help we need several
things.  FIrst of all and most importantly we need to know who is overseas
and their local groups.  To keep them safe we need your contact information
and will forward the favor for you to mail unless you get their permission
for us to mail it directly.  We would also need the support of our artisans
to make the favors. It has been suggested that if they are going to be worn
in a war zone that they should be subdued colors and not heraldic.  We have
been offered free web space to keep track of our efforts.  We could also use
someone who could draw a pattern to post to the website.
      We are just in the beginning stages of setting this up and would like
to hear some feedback from you before we can go much further.

In service to the Dream,

Lady ALeena of the North Waters
Lady Rosalia d' Castiglioni

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