[Ansteorra] Crown results

charles netterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Sun May 4 06:47:18 PDT 2003

Well, this couldn't have happened at a better time. With their Baronial
championships up coming in two weeks and the investiture of their new
excellencies , and stepping down after a tremendous job as Baron and
Baroness of Loch Soilleir , it would seem as though things were about to be
very dull around the castle.
    Cateau was most probably just starting to get excited about not having
the responsibility of leading a whole barony any more and was most likely ,
at that very pivotal moment, daydreaming about the all the free time that
would be hers' in just two weeks hence when the herald shattered her
illusions of peace by shocking her back into reality with the seemingly
innocent words ,  ( Ulstead is the victor )  Now the weight of a kingdom
replaces that of a barony.
( The preceding has been in jest so as to lighten the hearts of all who
read. The thoughts of the good baroness were MY thoughts and not hers and
this is in no way intended to either make light of , nor to suggest a desire
to shirk duties.) In the immortal words of  uunnngh, I can't remember his
name, " Folks, it's gonna be a good year. "
Congratulations Sir Unsteady !!!!!..... The new Prince of Ansteorra. And to
Cateau , The princess. VIVAT to you!!
In servitiae Christe et coronae

Elrique of Bordermarch

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