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> What about making a little "Vivat box" of cards of a "thank you" nature?
Not real awards, the kind you hang on the wall, but just a little "atta boy"
or > "atta girl" card to say, "Ya done real good, kid. Yer appreciated!"
Kind of > like those people who do "random acts of kindness" or the largesse
that A&S > competitions are known for. No officer would have to approve it,
since hugs
> on paper don't need approval. (remainder snipped)
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Regarding the means of appreciation that Lete Bithespring mentioned...

One of the most touching gifts I have received was after teaching my very
first class at wInterkingdom here in the Northern Region. I was frankly
terrified, even though it was a dance class for children, and I'd been
*assured* they didn't bite. (I'm still pretty new to the SCA)

After the class was over, the Honorable Lady Elizabeta caught up to me and
gave me a beautiful scroll: it read, "Heros are those who sacrifice
themselves, their time, their energy, to improve the lot of those around
them. Know, therefore, that in teaching, in giving of your time, your
expertise, and your energy, that you have stimulated the minds and bettered
the lives of your neighbors. And know that, in so doing, you have shown
yourself a hero."

I bawled my head off with happy tears right there and then.  :-)

Any little thing, matters so very much when it comes to appreciation. I've
received a number of thank-yous in the form of largess, and wear every one
of them proudly to every event I attend, beaming with pride every time I put
them on my garb. Each is a memory in physical form, of the joy of service
and the delight of helping others, and the extra pleasure that comes from
that effort being appreciated.

Still walking on air from an *amazing* Crown Tournament...

- zubeydah the wanderer

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