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The forwarded post from Sir Gaylan and the previous post of politics in the SCA seems to flow so well together that I am forced to make comment. Is there politics in the SCA?- you bet. Is it an intregal part of the SCA?- you bet. Is there any way of playing in the SCA with out politics rearing its ugly head?- No way. The forwarded post from my long time friend, Sir Gaylan, does not appear to be intended for the general populace- if so, he would have posted it on this forum.  Why was it sent to this list by some one other than the author. Politics.  This seems to me to be an attempt to deride either the Crown or the former Baron/ess of Elf Sea.  This is not an honorable thing to do. What is it- All together now-POLITICS.  Is it benificial or productful -NO. SO why do it? Politics.
I haven't played for a long time because of politics.
Case in point.  Worked for 2 years getting our Shire approved for Baronial status- almost to the point of losing my job because of all the time and effort involved, not to mention the paper work. Was REWARDED with the title of Baron- wife did not play extensively at the time, but fullfilled the requirements to become Baroness. We servrd for almost two years setting up the rituals and running of our Barony until the POLITICS just got to be to much for us.  My wife hasn't played in the SCA since. After stepping down I played for about 2 years more waiting for just one person-just one, to say thank you to me or my wife for all the work we did.  NO one ever did.  Well- thats not entirely true- the neighboring Barony gave my wife a Sable Crane for her work- to me-nothing.
I used to fight in the SCA- some said I wasn't too bad- at least I got into the semifinals of a couple of Crown lists.  But when I didn't bend over and kiss the behind of a certain triple Duke- I essentially commited sepaku (suicide).  All my efforts to advance were stopped from that day on in any belted circle.
 What was the cause of all this- POLITICS.  Now being a realist, I know that there is no way to avoid the influence of politics but my one desire in the SCA is that vendictive politics be removed form the SCA.  Will it ever happen? NO.
Will I still love the SCA- YES.  will I ever come back and play one day? maybe/

Baron Bors of Lothian
Baron Loch Sollier
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 < hi,i have a philosophical question. on sunday i heard a knight say that the sca is
  ninety nine percent politics and only one percent other. since there is no honor or
  chilvary in politics, only nderhanded deceipt. does that mean that if a equals b
  and b equals c that a equals c?just an observer>

YUP! see my posts from about 2 years ago and about 4 years ago- and also one of the reasons I no longer actively play in the SCA any more.
Baron Bors of Lothian
Baron Loch Sollier

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