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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 16:19:37 PDT 2003

I found this post about a book on another list, and as there are a number of
Mongol personna's in Ansteorra... enjoy, Hillary
Paul Buell's new book, "Historical Dictionary of the Mongol World Empire "
is out, and I think it's a great resource for SCAdians interested in the
Mongol empire. In addition to being set up as a dictionary, with thoughtful
entries on any number of topics, it contains six essays which give an
excellent overview of the Mongol influence in period, as well as appendices
on Mongolian scripts, Mongolian vocabulary, and a collection of recipes from
the Yinshan Zhengyao (1330), as well as a great bibliography for those of us
who want to learn more.

Paul, while not SCA himself, tried very hard to get the publishers to offer
a pre-publication discount to SCAdians, but in their infinite wisdom, they
KNEW that only libraries and universities would buy it, and after some
discussion, we have decided to ask you a favor when you order the book. At
the bottom of the order form online, there's a section which reads,
"Additional Instructions". Please add in words to the effect of, "By the
way, I'm not a library, I'm in the SCA, and I'm buying this book because of
my interest in historical recreation". We're hoping that if enough people do
this, it will occur to these people that, yes, there IS a market for
historical information beyond academia, and they'll keep their promise to
Paul to offer his books to us at a discount next time.

The least expensive way to order is from the publisher. Go to:
(sorry, very long URL, you may have to cut and paste to get it all)

(Or go to www.scarecrowpress.com and put "buell" in the search engine, if
your browser won't take that URL)  and read the review. If you want to order
it, click on "add to cart" and  follow the instructions, just like you might
with any other online purchase.

If you buy it from them, they give you 15% off the List price- s/h is $4.00
for the first copy, $1 for each additional copy.

I think you'll like it, folks- I've read it, and I'm very impressed. It's
not so scholarly that it's incoherent, it simply gives you the information,
simply and straightforwardly.

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