[Ansteorra] Re: Feast Reservations

Christine Grosvenor rs_teke at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 08:00:02 PDT 2003

<<why not
a "discount" to those that pre-pay?  If you wait and
try to get feast
at the
event, you pay more than if you pre-paid.


I just wanted to throw my support in for this idea. To
me Feast is one of the main hilights of any event (and
I have never broken reservations), but if it comes
down to having to always pre-pay, i wont be able to
eat feast very often, and the idea of that makes me
very sad.  This suggestion sounds like a happy medium
to me, and i generally like it.  PLEASE dont require
everyone to pre-pay, or i'm sure there will end up
being a lot less people eating feasts.  :(


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