[Ansteorra] Feast Reservation Manners

Tausha Walker celeste_namron at post.com
Wed May 7 15:51:16 PDT 2003

I think that's a really good idea and I'm glad you suggested it. I wouldn't mind paying an extra dollar or two for not being able to pre-reserve feast. That will encourage those who can to pre-reserve but not totally take the option away from those who can't.


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> Though I've seen it at a few events, I don't know if I'd call pre-paid only
> feasts a trend just yet.  Also, for every event I've seen that there's been a
> mad scramble to sell unclaimed feast spots, I've seen events that many people
> had to make other dinner plans because the feast was sold out.
> I think that the answer is somewhere between the two extremes.  Celeste does
> make a good point that due to finances or planning, it isn't feasible for
> everyone to pre-pay for feast.  I don't think that cutting them out completely
> should be an option.
> Perhaps something along the lines of having the majority of the feast pre-paid
> and having a handful of open feasts at the event as a first-come, first-serve.
> Rather than making the incentive "pre-pay or don't eat feast", why not give
> a "discount" to those that pre-pay?  If you wait and try to get feast at the
> event, you pay more than if you pre-paid.
> Ansgar
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