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Another wonderful offering from the folks at Birka!!!!

In Service,

--- Dan Carlsson wrote:
> Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 17:28:53 +0200
> Subject: New Viking Book about Tools for textile
> Production!
> From: Dan Carlsson
> To: Viking CD
> Dear Viking friends,
> I want to introduce to you a new book about Viking
> Tools for Textile
> Production. I know there are many of you interested
> in textiles in Viking
> Age. The book is about the tools and textile found
> at the Viking Age town of
> Birka in Sweden. There is also a comparison with
> material from other Viking
> sites, most of all from the town of Hedeby in
> northern Germany.
> The book is one in the series of books about the
> extensive and important
> excavations of Birka carried out between 1990 and
> 1995. The different books
> can be order through our home page at:
> www.arkeodok.com.
> I would also like to take the opportunity to inform
> you of the Viking
> courses run by Gotland University through Internet.
> At the moment, there is
> a course about The Viking Society. In July, the
> Viking field course with
> about 40 students will be carried out in the form of
> an excavation of the
> Viking Port of Trade at Fröjel, Gotland. The course
> is full for this year,
> but there will of course be another course next
> year. Coming autumn, there
> is another opportunity to join the Internet course
> of Viking Society.
> Interested?, please visit
> http://www2.hgo.se/inter.nsf/indexEng?OpenView.
> For those of you who would like to follow what is
> going on in the Viking
> world I would like to introduce you to the Viking
> Heritage magazine, a
> quarterly International magazine about Vikings and
> Viking history. The
> magazine is the main published source about Vikings.
> If you are interested
> to subscribe, please go to http://viking.hgo.se, and
> click the link to the
> magazine.
> Finally, our next CD-R of Viking artefacts is slowly
> on its way. It deals
> with Viking Knives, and will contain detailed photos
> of different forms of
> Viking Knives, as well as a short report about
> Vikings and Knives.
> Best regards
> Dan Carlsson
> --------------------------------------------
> PhD. Associate Professor Dan Carlsson
> ArkeoDok
> Blåeldsvägen 3
> 621 50 Visby, Sweden
> Tel. +46-498-218560
> Fax. +46-498-218560
> E-mail: dan at arkeodok.com
> http://www.arkeodok.com
> https://www.paypal.com/affil/pal=9E72FQFPETACW

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