[Ansteorra] Champions de la Croix

HE Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Thu May 8 15:50:34 PDT 2003

Unto the Good and Noble Populace of Ansteorra,

As most now know, we have finished our business in Trimaris and
having lavished their coffers enough with gold from our own and
having partaken of the hospitality of Signori Mouse, we can now turn
our thoughts to properly thanking those individuals who have strived
to make this recent Champions de la Croix and our Investiture such a

Honorable Lady Johnna, you cannot know the weight you lifted when you
chose to steward this event. You always go above and beyond in your
stewarding duties and this time was no exception. Thank you so much
for organizing everything and making sure tasks were carried out to
the letter.

Lady Kristyan, yours was a position under perhaps the most scrutiny,
as gentles are rarely forgiving if a feast is unsatisfactory. You
surpassed all our expectations, and we couldn't have asked for a
better feast. Everything was wonderful. Well done indeed!

Lord Godfrey, thank you for managing the chivalric list.

Lord William, thank you for handling not only rapier, but also the
archery in my stead.

Honorable Lord Toshiro, thank you for organizing the bardic. It was a
pleasure to hear.

Honorable Lady Revekka, thank you for running the arts and sciences.

Honorable Lord Marcus, thank you for the return of knife, axe and
spear again to this region.

Thank you, dear Ben, for doing an outstanding job running the chess

And thank you to all who entered to vie for the title of Champion of
Bonwicke. We are honored that you chose to display your talents for

Thanks to all that helped fill the prize baskets, they were
impressive in their contents and we know that all who received them
were truly impressed with the skill and generosity of Bonwicke.

Lady Zianessa and Honorable Lady Philippa and all else who danced so
gracefully at the feast and on into the night, it is such a welcome
sight to see dancing again in this barony. As always your dances were

To Their Majesties for taking time in the midst of pressing business
to attend to our affairs.

To all their Excellencies from both near and far who came to offer
support, lend sage advice and extend their friendship.

To the dozens of workers who we never had the chance to properly
thank personally for the chore of setting up and taking down (and
there was MUCH to set up and take down!), running a thousand errands
and handling all the details that go into an event like this. From
those that ran gate to those that swept floors, thank you.

To Her Excellency Safie for mistressing the lists.

To all the waterbearers for the exhausting task of keeping our
populace refreshed.

To Lord Tristan for heralding our first court in an exemplary fashion.

To Lord Jasper, Nathan, Lady Cahira, Lord Galen and Lord Tristan for
countless years of friendship and companionship as brothers-in-arms.

And last but certainly not least to our Steward and Lady in Waiting,
Honorable Lady Revekka and Lady Serafina. We are truly blessed with
your company. We could not ask for truer or nobler friends. Know that
all your work no matter how great or small will never go unnoticed or

If there are those we have omitted, please know that it was
inadvertent, and be secure that we are grateful for your help

In Service to the Crown,
Kainin and Oriana
Lord and Lady Bonwicke

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