[Ansteorra] Tornados in Moore

Reihla at aol.com Reihla at aol.com
Thu May 8 21:06:08 PDT 2003

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Yup, were all good here.  Gitana's house is fine.  The storm took the roof
off the apartment building, but we had no loss of personal property or pets.
We may have to move some stuff to storage over the weekend :-(

Haven't heard from Ld Sigfried and HL Celeste, but they live south and east
of us so they should be fine.  TE Rumil and Margaret Fletcher (Midwest/Del
City) have reported in and are OK too.

We're still looking for a report in from our Knight's Marshal in Harrah, OK.
Dougal?  Let us know you and yours are alright!

Thanks, everyone, for calling to check on us!  It took us literally 4 hours
to make it home from work (@14 miles in bumper-to-bumper 2 mph traffic), but
that's been the worst of the ordeal so far.

Kat  >^.,.^<

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