[Ansteorra] Lost and found at Bordermarch baronials

charles netterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Tue May 13 16:10:55 PDT 2003

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Greetings to all.
    I know you've all had a long day, so I'll not take any more time than necessary.

Among the items found at the event were a necklace, a chair, a seemingly period coozy, and other misc. items.

The only items I know of that were lost were some clothes that the Ly. Ellen had lying on top of the dryer in the Laundromat. These garments included an adult black plaid tunic and a white tunic with turquoise trim. other garments were among these. If you happened to pick these items up on your way out by mistake, please contact me, Elrique, or Ly Ellen at eginden at yahoo.com  or call her at 713-942-4877... As most of you know, Ly Ellen is a prominent vender at many events, and this is her source of income so a timely response is appreciated.
    All of the found items found are in my possession so feel  free to contact me if any items were mislaid or unaccounted for. I'd hate to think someone is without an item because of me, so contact me at cnetterville at ih2000.net  or call me at 409-833-9794 after 5:00 most days. In service I remain, Elrique of Bordermarch

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