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>   The master for the KWDS CD is finished.  It's not what I had hoped it
>would be. I had hoped to include a lot of new music for newly reconstructed
>dances. In actuality, that proved to be an unreasonable hope.  Getting
>together teachers and musicians early enough for this to be feasable didn't
>happen in most cases.  So I tried to get permission to use tracks from
>existing recordings.  This mostly didn't work either.  So most of the music
>is a re-packaging of material from Musica Subterranea's CDs, plus some new
>   The one case where things worked out the way I had hoped is the
>collaboration between Etienne de Cleremont's new reconstructions and the
>Warwick Consort's new recordings of music for those dances. Christian
>d'Hiver, the director of the Warwick Consort, really put himself out to
>make sure the recordings were done right and in time.  I think he really
>would have not have done it until summertime (since he's a schoolteacher)
>if he hadn't promised Etienne and us that he'd do it. The Warwick Consort
>established a recording process for themselves, coordinated with a number
>of long-distance contributors, and finished successfully by the deadline.
>Their special efforts and accomplishments are greatly appreciated.
>   The CD will include La Castellana and Lacio d'Amore for Etienne's class;
>Pavaniglia, Passo e Mezzo and Rustic Pavan for Urraca's class; Half Hanikin
>and Wherligig (the original tune, not Cecil Sharpe's substitution) for
>Traheaern's class; Canary for Del's class; (This is the Canarias from
>Subterranea's CD, not the "usual" Canary tune.) The rest of the dances are
>also from Musica Subterranea's CDs-- Villanella and Fedelta for Adele's
>class; Gelosia, Petit Riens, Amoroso and Rostiboli for Lowrie's class.
>   This is only a fraction of what we would have liked to have done.  I
>appologise to those instructors, particularly Adele and Traheaern, whom I
>had offered music that didn't happen.  On the other hand, we think the
>music that is included is worth it. The CD will be available at the
>symposium for $5 and afterward for $5 plus postage from
><orange at coxcomb.org>
>--Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa
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