[Ansteorra] Loch Guardian - Lost and Found

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 17:37:39 PDT 2003

The following items were left at Loch Guardian and
found during the clean up on Sunday.

Blue folding chair with arms
Straw hat
Wooden game box with boards and pieces for checkers,
chess, tic-tac-toe, and backgammon
Dagger with wire wrapped handle and metal sheath
Black Rapier buckler
Black hood
Metal fork
Wooden mug
Black hat with a small peacock feather and a metal pin
Glass bottom metal mug
Solid metal mug, Luciano and Biatrichi written on the
Solid metal mug with a hammered finish and a dragon
Brass cup
Black, belt-type, back brace
Green knitted/crochet tubes about the size to fit the
Green and gold twisted cord
Metal lantern handle
Fairly large oval basket
A large number of pieces of fabric, probably used as
table cloths
An pretty huge sword, but we thing we know who it
belongs to.

If you think any of these items are yours, please
contact me off list at baron_loch_soilleir at yahoo.com
and we can set something up to get your items back to


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