[Ansteorra] Keeping up event sites

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Mon May 19 21:16:29 PDT 2003

We have a bit of an addiction to the Altoid Tangerine lozenges and they
have the coolest tin containers, been trying to figure out someway to reuse

It just came together as I was sitting here thinking over some things from
recent events.  A friend who smokes recently showed me a lovely little
ashtray-butt keeper a friend had given her.  It was a bit smaller than the
altoid cans, but they would be wonderful for that purpose and easy to keep
in a pouch.  It would be handy to have at hand and save people the time of
picking up butts, as the one time I ever did beach pickup-all we found were
tons of butts.  With our commitment to return event sites in better
condition than we found them, this would go along way towards that goal and
be simple to do.

Just an idea,

Susan the Curious

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