[Ansteorra] Tandy pattern for sword hanger

chiara chiara at io.com
Tue May 20 07:01:51 PDT 2003

I am on their mailing list and for the last year they have been sending a
pattern a month in their newsletter. There have been many other patterns
that would work for us in general as well. :)

Kingdom Vscribe, Ansteorra
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: I was in the Dallas Tandy store on NW Highway this week. They are
: distributing a news letter there called "The Skiver Newsletter." In it,
: besides all the specials on leather that has been discounted until May 31,
: is a complete "recipe" of a pattern, construction instructions, and supply
: list for making a belt-held hanger for live steel. Perhaps the other Tandy
: stores have it.
: There's also discounted heavy leather for belts, a belt cutting gizmo and
: the like, as well as soft leather for clothes and gloves. I even saw a
: $30 book on how to make patterns and sew real shoes, not just the usual
: moccasins Tandy is known for. Some were colored slipper looking designs.
: short, the book was near the ceiling and I was short on time, so I didn't
: get to see just what the colored shoes were, but they could turn out to be
: suitable for court shoes.
: Thought you all might like to know in time. As, I said, the sale
: the 31st of May.
: In service,
: Lete Bithespring
: Just trying to be helpful.....
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