[Ansteorra] New Photos are up!

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Wed May 21 22:16:17 PDT 2003

Oooh... I want one of these:
http://www.generich.com/elfsea/gulfwar03/gw03-062.jpg shields... (sorry your
highness I'm not referring to your kite :) ) Anyone else think it was cool?

Jean Paul de Sens

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Greetings my friends!

There are finally some new photos online at my photo album. The links are:

http://www.generich.com/elfsea/page96c.htm (New photos from Dragonsfire
Tor's June **2002** event courtesy of Mistress Xene.)

http://www.generich.com/elfsea/page110.htm Lindenwood's Border Wars 02/2003
http://www.generich.com/elfsea/page111.htm Elfsea's Baronial College 02/2003
http://www.generich.com/elfsea/gate.htm Gulf War Gate Construction 02/2003
http://www.generich.com/elfsea/page113.htm Gulf War XII 03/2003
http://www.generich.com/elfsea/page114.htm Glaslyn's Defender of the Flame
http://www.generich.com/elfsea/page115.htm Elfsea Springfaire 04/2003

The main contents page is at: http://www.generich.com/elfsea/contents.asp

The shear volume of images has taxed my ability to add captions to a great
number of these. And these are not even all of them! I still have a CD full
of additional Gulf War photos and my own images from Crown and the 2003
version of Dragonsfire Tor's Guardian. These should be going online soon. I
do plan to continue this project and hopefully in a more timely manner.

In the service of kingdom & crown, I remain,
Lord Armand Dragonetti
Vicar of Elfsea

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