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Artorius, I think a lot of the no-replies were (at least in my case) a
case of the not posting a "Me too" or "I agree" type e-mail.  In this
case, I do agree, and will endeavor to make sure that me and mine do as
much as possible to leave our site better than when we arrive.

Jean Paul

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
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Vivat and thank you for posting this Sir Burke! I find it interesting
that no one has yet replied to this post.  As a member of the clean-up
crew at Eldern XXV, I echo Sir Burke's words and add these of my own.
The condition of the bath-house restrooms was indeed deplorable.  These
were clearly marked as "out of order". It saddens and sickens me that
apparently *numerous* so-called "gentles" would disregard this fact.
These individuals are not the SCA that I grew up with. There was another
problem at Eldern XXV.  The site rules clearly stated that the site was
discreetly wet.  Alcoholic beverages in *period* containers only.  We
found beer cans on top of the trash cans in the men's room at the hall.
We found a rather large pile of beer, whiskey, etc. bottles on the table
under the open air pavillion.  Come on folks.  We can and *must* do
better.  The SCA has lost access to countless event sites because of
actions such as these.  I personally know of 3.   I hope all Ansteorrans
will take up Sir Burke's challenge.  I, for one, will.   I will do my
best to further educate the newcomers in our area.  And I will do
whatever is necessary to prevent the loss of another site and the
tarnishing of the SCA's good name due to ignorance and/or apathy such as
was demonstrated at Eldern XXV.  In service,Master Artorius ap Caradoc,

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