[Ansteorra] Advice for keeping wooden feast gear.

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> (Although linseed oil is an excellent conditioner for wood, I'm not so
> I want traces of it in my diet!)

Actually probably do want traces of linseed oil in your diet.  You can buy
high quality linseed (flaxseed) oil at most health food stores where it is
sold as a excellent source of essential fatty acids.  There has been lots of
research done in recent years on the benefits of theses types of EFAs in
treating inflammatory degenerative  musculoskeletal disorders  and immune
suppressant disorders.  There has been a good deal of research done on using
these supplements to help avoid the soreness associated with extreme
physical stress such as marathon running, etc.

Linseed or flaxseed oil is a great way to treat your wooden feastware and if
any of it gets into your diet it might actually benefit you.

By the oil at a health food store and NOT at a hardware store or craft
store.  Often what you find at hardware stores and craft stores for oil
painting and wood finishing is not pure linseed oil.


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