[Ansteorra] RE: Linseed oil

fluffy at coxconnect.net fluffy at coxconnect.net
Fri May 23 08:27:19 PDT 2003

They are, but over time and washings the tannin leaches out. Several years ago they did a research project that proved a definite effect when the took swabs from a plastic board and a wooden board, both used the same way, and the wood one had a definite reduction in viable bacterium that could be cultured. It was not enough to prevent an illness from an improperly cleaned wood board. Also the tannin amountin the sap or heart wood does not retain much tannin as compared to the bark of the tree.

If you decide to use a vegetable oil or lard the wood item need to be stored in a dry cool place, because if the set for to long the oils may go rancid and that could really ruin the items.


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