[Ansteorra] Waterlord progression

Bob Dewart gilli at hot.rr.com
Mon May 26 08:35:52 PDT 2003

Was the archery rained out, or what?

Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> Thanks to A&M this would have been the first Warlord that I could have
> stayed till Mon. How ever my tent leaked through the rain fly and I spent
> Sat. night in my vehicle and left Sun morning about 7:30 so as to have
> to dry out and repair things on Sun and enjoy a Mon holiday. It rains in
> spring in Ansteorra. It can rain a LOT, it rained a LOT Sat. night I do
> know of many places that could hold an event the size of Warlord with all
> the persons that come to it with out some one being in a place that could
> end up under water. Not even the Ravensfort site could put up the number
> participants with out some of them being flooded if we had as much rain as
> fell Sat. night and getting out of Ravensfort could have been a lot more
> "fun".
> If you have a suggestion for an alternate site please put it forward for
> consideration. If one is going to criticize a choice of location please
> an alternate for consideration.
> plachoya
> humble archer
> Ravens Fort Ansteorra
> >At the risk of causing upset or invoking people's ire, I wish to pose a
> >question over the list that ran through my mind repeatedly through
> >>the
> >course of the day as I drained, mopped, and dried my tent.  Why is it
> >that we keep holding this events at a site which we know is highly flood
> >prone, not nice to look at, and has huge amounts of mundane traffic
> >running through it?  Normally that last bit would not bother me, but we
> >seem to have incidents regularly with the mundanes there.  I remember
> >kids going through with air horns, near fights, thefts, and this year
> >there were looters going through when we still had nearly a third of our
> >people on site. I know there are a lot of arguments (even some very good
> >arguments) for this place, but at what point is enough, enough?
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