[Ansteorra] Waterlord progression

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Mon May 26 10:14:58 PDT 2003

Our group usually camps at the Canton site in an area that we know
floods.  We have been in that area with 16" of water running through it.
Why do we continue to camp there......because WE like the location.  So
we help and support each other before and while it is storming. Some
sing, drink, panic (ME!!) and or sleep. When the storm is over we all
check in. We assess who needs help, pitch in and get done what needs to
be done on a priority basis. We take care of each other and try to keep
everyone in good spirits.

Everyone I camp with knows I really PANIC in storms, so maybe I'm a
little paranoid and over prepare!!

But I try to be prepared for storms at all sites by:
1. making sure we have family radios and we are on the same channel
2. storm ropes on tents and pavilions
3. waterproofing everything
4. packing in waterproof tubs
5. dry clothes left someplace where they WILL NOT get wet
6. plenty of plastic trash bags so I can pack things in a hurry
7. knowing where I can go for shelter if necessary
8. having a place for everyone to check in at after an emergency

Then I keep a VERY close eye on the weather by:
1. watching the sky
2. having a storm alert weather radio (set on alert only) on at all
3. someone in Fort Worth is instructed to call me on my cell phone if
bad weather MIGHT be approaching

If bad weather is on it's way I prepare by:
1. alerting everyone (this is where the family radios come in handy) and
taking a Xanax!!
2. putting everything that is inside my tent that could get wet in
plastic tubs or plastic trash bags
3. move EVERYTHING in my tent to the center of the tent (WET walls
4. tighten all guy ropes and check the tent stakes
5. in case I need to evacuate quickly, I place everything I need to
carry with me in a hand carry bag and or trash bag:   identification,
medication, cell phone, weather radio, bottle of water, snacks, a set of
dry clothes, flash light, warm bedding and anything else I might need to
keep me comfortable (me...cigarettes!!!)
6.  move everything outside (that would be a pain to transport wet) into
waterproof tubs or trash bags
to inside the tent, to a vehicle or under a tarp
7. stuff that cannot be moved inside is taken down if possible, secured,
tarped and tied down

Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

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