[Ansteorra] Waterlord progression

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Mon May 26 11:36:04 PDT 2003

My first Warlord(Waterlord) ws nine years ago and it was called Waterlord
then. So unless you are living in a cave or very new you should have had a
clue that wet things may happen at Warlord. I have made about 4 counting
this last one and they have had rain at most of them I just usually left
before it started. I have heard that Warlord was moved to the Canton site
because it outgrew the prior site, is that right? Warlord is a rather large
event, but it is "just a Baronial Champion event". More that one or two
people just plan to stay in motels for Waterlord because of the known
weather history.
One thing that might help would be to move gate closer to the site front
gate and have a map showing the the area north (to the left) of the road is
camping space also. We can not all camp in the trees.


humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteorra

>Plachoya wote :
> > If you have a suggestion for an alternate site please put it forward for
> > consideration. If one is going to criticize a choice of location please
> > an alternate for consideration.
> >
>A fair request, but I'd say that the burden of finding a new site (if
>what's needed) should fall on the group that uses the site.  The visitors
>(their guests) shouldn't be expected to have to come up with an alternative
>in order to be able to criticize.  Especially after they've spent $12 for
>site fee.  I suppose after one Warlord where they weren't satisfied with
>site, they could just boycott that event (and any others at that site) if
>they can't have complaints about the site.
>The saying goes "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the
>problem."  Part of solving a problem is making people aware that there is a
>problem or recognition that there is a problem.  That doesn't mean that you
>have to have a full set of alternatives or a solution handy to simply say
>that you think there's a problem (ie criticize).  If someone does have some
>ideas toward a solution to a problem, that's a bonus.

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