[Ansteorra] Steppes Children's Collegium

Celeste Shelton teacherceleste at hotmail.com
Mon May 26 16:13:51 PDT 2003

Greetings to one and all,
I would like to take a moment to spread word fame to the organizer, Lady
Chiara, and the teachers of the Steppes Warlord Children's Collegium.  I
can't even begin to tell you how WONDERFUL these classes were.  Our children
and teens did not "play" SCA this weekend, they learned and loved doing so.
If you had a child involved, ask them what they did.  You will be amazed.  I
personally saw our future sewing, building coil clay pots, working leather,
making wax relief tablets, making gold leaf boxes, and learning about viking
history and that was just in the afternoon.  In my candle making class and
period cooking class, I worked with 10 teens who were very excited about the
projects and were VERY well behaved and appreciative young people.  As a
parent, I would also like to thank the organizers of the youth boffer
tourney.  My son had a fantastic time and I was thrilled to see our youth
encourged in such a manner by holding the tourney in conjuntion with the
adult tourney.

Vivat to our Future and I hope to see many more such activities.

HL Saundra of Loch Raeburn
Kingdom MoC

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