[Ansteorra] Steppes XXX Children's Collegium Thanks

chiara chiara at io.com
Mon May 26 19:30:40 PDT 2003

I want to thank all of the teachers for their hard work and love that was
poured into
what they did for our youth this weekend.

The children were very happy and so anxious for the next round of classes.
We had some sitting around waiting on them all through other classes when
wrong schedule was printed in the handbook. They thoroughly enjoyed every
moment whether it was waiting for their intended class or not.

We had wave after wave of children come through the classes and even though
all were only slated for one hour many of the teachers extended their
classes anywhere
from two to two and a half hours just to teach them all.

Teachers of the youth of Ansteorra, You are the guardians of the future.
Thank you!!!

The following were the classes taught and the teachers. Please, if you meet
them some day thank them. :)

CD drop spinning
by Robin de Shealladh

Finger Braiding
by Philip White

Viking Shields
by Moura McCullaugh

Pouch Making
By Morgan Cain

Japanese Paper Folding (Origami)
by Tenchi Sueko (youngest teacher, a member of our youth)

Wax Tablets
by Asa Hrafnasdottir

Leather Working
by Vincenzo

Gold Leafing a Box, Getting to know your sewing machine, Robin Hood Hat
by Ameline Dubois

How to be a lady in waiting or page
by Allyson Tymmes

Period Foods, Candle Making, Game Boards
by HL Saundra of Loch Raeburn

Pottery Class
by Gwyenth Blackrose

Basket Weaving
by Mistress Kalida

Kingdom Vscribe, Ansteorra

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