[Ansteorra] stepes XXX photos. all 400 of them.. dripping dry.. :))

key connor constable_sca at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 15:27:27 PDT 2003


this is where Steppes War Lord XXX photos are at..

the rains sat'y night were so bad that Court was stoped at 1opm and
after we rescued friends and their belongings we continued and in the
wisdom of the baron and baroness of steppes canceled the rest of the
event, while some of us would have stayed, we understand that the
safety of the populas is more inportant and to that i/We say that we
love you and will be to gether again soon.

key connor

albumns in cluded:

pelicaning Rosalia
friends at play / general populas

happy to have shared hotel room with 5 others and bardic on our own,
memories I will never forget!!  Thanks all !!!

 VIVAT Ansteorra

Lord Key 'connor' MacLeod

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