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It seems that there is an attitude about this from folks that have not fully
read at the very least our Baron's words.

I would like to suggest that you go back and read them please.

This thread is starting to get negative and that is not constructive at all.


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: First let me start by saying how sorry I am to the folks that lost
: and possessions during the flood at Steppes Warlord and also to the
: merchants that lost merchandise and livelihoods to the waters.
: Fortunately no one was hurt.
: I have read many of the emails regarding Warlord. I will attempt to
: a few answers.
: Why do we continue to use Canton?
: The amenities.
: A large air-conditioned hall
: A large grass covered open field to fight in
: Two large open areas for equestrian and archery.
: Electricity and water everywhere so people can plug in their air
: conditioners and fans.
: Good roads that we don't get stuck on when it rains and we don't have to
: slog through the mud on when it rains.
: Centrally located and within a reasonable distance from Steppes.
: Large open shaded camping.
: Are we looking for another site to hold Steppes Warlord next year?
: Hell yes!!!!!
: However, and I'm just guessing here, we will likely have to give up some
: things if Steppes Warlord is somewhere else next year?
: The air conditioned hall and readily available electricity.
: Good all weather roads throughout the site.
: Flush toilets and hot water showers.
: What are the minimums we looking for in a new site?
: We can't do anything about the rain, but we will try and find a site that
: not as prone to flooding and has water centrally available.
: It will likely only have electricity in a few places and those will be
: reserved for people who have medical needs.
: It will need multiple decent roads in and out of site.
: Open, shaded camping would be nice.
: It needs to accommodate 750 -1000 people with parking.
: If we want archery and equestrian activities, there must be adequate open
: fields that are hospitable to human and equine feet.
: Boy/Girl scout camps and most church camps are out because they don't
: alcohol at all.
: If you know of anything within and hour and a half of Dallas please let me
: know.
: It is a personal priority of mine to find a new site in the next 6 months
: for Warlord 31.
: Why did we close the hall and send people out into the rain?
: We were watching the approaching storm as closely as possible. It could
: been very dangerous with 60 -70 mph winds, and surrounding areas received
: baseball size hail. We had people calling the weather stations and police
: stations in both Dallas and Canton, trying to stay abreast of the weather.
: When the brunt of the storm passed us we felt like we were only dealing
: the rain and by the time we started to close the hall it was lightly
: raining. We felt it was safe to continue camping because we all know how
: deal with rain. Then the flooding started.  As I made a trip around camp
: assess the situation we also called the city and got permission to stay in
: the hall overnight. We then went back out into the flooding and let as
: people know as we could that the hall was reopened for sleeping.
: Why did we cancel the event?
: We toured the camp on Sunday morning and determined that a large number of
: people were leaving anyway.
: There were 6 privies that got turned over, and a lot of the water was
: polluted and unsafe to be around.
: The list field, equestrian and archery fields were under water still and
: unusable.
: A lot of people lost a lot of things and we felt it was inappropriate to
: continue a party.
: We were told by the Canton site people that we were in for more rain that
: night and we didn't want to go through that again or more importantly put
: our guests through that again.
: Fritz
: (214) 821-1223
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: P.S.
: I don't type and hate email discussions so please don't expect lengthy
: answers on this list. If you want to talk or complain you can call me at
: home until 9 pm.
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