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We will explore every avenue towards finding a better place for Steppes
Warlord including looking further at Canton.
Should we end up back there the flood areas will be clearly marked,
emergency arrangements will be better in place for the Hall and we will work
with the local police to better control the mundanes.
However be assured Canton is not our first choice for next year.


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Well I got to experience my first Warlord....or as I like to call it Canton
Tent Regatta. I am not sure how often flooding has been a problem at this
 I must claim my responsiblity in my tent flooding.  I camped next to the
creek.  I like the spot where i camped.  Not far from the bathhouse, nice
spot.  I knew about the rain before the event.  If I had been thinking I
have seen that creek sitting there all dry and innocent looking and seen the
beast it could become and taken my stuff to the area behind the hall where
ground is higher provided we had access to that area.

Perhaps the answer is not to discard the Canton site but to explore more
parts of it. It appeared to me that we are only using a small portion of the
site. At another event held at Canton I noticed that there were at least two
other events(mundane) going on at the same time.   It appeared that there is
other camping areas across the road from our regular camping area.  It might
mean a longer walk to the hall or list field area but it might save our dry
beds, cars, possessions and friends whle retaining the goodies we love so
(electricity, hot water showers, etc.)

The only part of the Canton site that does bother me is the mundanes
wandering through.  I ran into a couple of shady looking characters that I
would not
want wandering around my campsite while I am sleeping.  The part that
me about it most is that i have no idea how to fix it.  I can chose to camp
higher ground to avoid the water but how do we avoid the transients?  I

Canton is a nice site all in all.  Great amenities.  Just a couple of
to deal with.  What ideas can we come up with to deal with the problems on

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