[Ansteorra] Re: Waterlord thanks

Dyan Ford dyanford at txucom.net
Tue May 27 09:27:30 PDT 2003

Greetings to all,

Let me add my sincerest thanks to those who helped this fool of a
Laurel at this event.  First, to the Lady at Troll who saw my
T-shirt and informed me of the timing change for the Laurel's Circle
so I actually made it on time.  Second, to the dear Lady with the
pearl headpiece who rescued my dog when the breeze stopped & the sun
blazed out unexpectedly & I was too long returning to the truck.  I
know you introduced yourself but in my panic and shame, I have
forgotten your name.... Bless you, Water Angel.  And to the Security
folk for trying to locate me, to Her Majesty and the SCA Mistress of
the Hounds for your compassion, you have my profound thanks.
Because of your efforts for a stranger, I still have my little
companion, Scout, & he is fine!  And lastly, to the members of my
canton & my apprentii, bless you.  Once again, you have helped to
put the pieces back together again.... And that was _before_ the flood!

My profound thanks also go to the unnamed members of the Royal
entourage who risked the swirling waters to snatch my camp from
those waters.  You all had your own camps & those of Their Majesties
& Their Highness' to salvage and yet you rescued me.  I am in your debt.

This post may be long & mushy, but I wanted to voice my gratitude
for the peoples I have the privilege to associate with, and to let
others know the high caliber of our people.  This event may have
ended abruptly and been very costly in a mundane sense, but I
enjoyed myself (now that it's over) and I treasure the experience
and the people.  It was a wake-up call & a learning experience for
me.  Thank you all.   To the Autocrats, the people of the Steppes &
Ansteorra I say Vivat!!!  In the face of adversity, you did well!!

In deepest gratitude, I remain,

Shanahan the Fey, called Stormbearer
OL, OLA, OMS, Starholder
Gate's Edge / Ansteorra

PS:  The photos from 30 years ago survived!  And will scanned to CD
shortly so they will never be at risk again.

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