[Ansteorra] Chivalric, Rapier, and A&S Lists

Cairenn Day cpenny at swbell.net
Tue May 27 11:58:38 PDT 2003

This is for Arts competitions, I do not like populace choice, what wins
tends to be showy, sometimes even glitzy.  I like body of work displays,
or any type were one may interact with the artisans.  These are very
hard on the artists, but they give the judges and the populace the
opportunity to learn more about the subject and the research that went
in to the entry.  These are helpful to those who are not as good on
documentation, allow feedback, ( i.e.. I know a book that will help you
out, ect.) and the artists often manage to talk to each other and
therefore share info..  An idea let the artists make a choice, 3 colors
of beads, worth 3 pts., 2pts., and 1 pt., combine points for winner.
The main thing is good judges, someone who knows what they do and don't
know about what their judging, I will not judge brewing, because I do
not have the trained palate for it, I know a little about late period
costuming, but not enough to judge details, I can look at their sources
and have some idea if they did decent research, but that is about all I
can do.


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