[Ansteorra] Chivalric, Rapier, and A&S Lists

mike young uther at lcc.net
Tue May 27 15:42:13 PDT 2003

For A&S, I think popular vote is just that...a popularity contest.
I think the artisan gets a lot more feedback if there are judges,
particularly if they actually get to talk to the judges personally.
I love to see Novice catagories but feel they should have a different form
of our Kingdom Judging sheet...final score isn't the point, I feel, but
rather what you can learn and direction given for improvement.
I thought HL Julianna at Steppes this weekend had a wonderful idea when she
handed out outlines of basic documentation that those Novice entries could
use to record something about the work they had done even if they didn't
bring any documentation to the event.
As an artisan who has entered many contests and both won AND lost, I feel
it's not about the prize. A contest may only have one material prize, but
for me,  word fame or hearing something good about my work from another
artisan is prize in itself.
Thanks for letting me have my 2 cents!

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