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Diane Maynard Camelothorse at earthlink.net
Tue May 27 16:32:27 PDT 2003

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First of all, I would like to thank those that lit candles and cooked Voodoo duck for me.   It worked ! ! !      I had " NO " yes,  I said " NO " vehicle or animal problems on the road to, or,  from Steppes Warlord !!!!!!!!!!   The fact that there was rain and everything flooded is a given.   This is not a problem for me since, I travel in my 8 horse trailer and my equine companions and I stayed high and dry.  We actually got to help others that needed dry clothes and a dry place to sleep.   I want to express my gratitude to Baron Fritz and his wonderful wife Baroness Caitrain (sp ?) for being such lovely and caring hosts.   These are people that care so much that they make everyone feel like they are at home away from home.  Baron Fritz was out walking through two to three feet of water at 2:00 am and, paid to reopen the hall for those that had no dry place to sleep.  Just for those that do not understand, the Hall was required to be closed at the end of what had been paid for.  It WAS CLOSED and then reopened ( thanks to Steppes ) for the populace that had no dry place to sleep.   This is a Barony that cares about others and does something about the problems. Unfortunately, we cannot dictate what God decides to do with the weather.   Despite all of the problems with the site, ( and my own on the road ), I will be back to support my friends in Steppes.

That being said, I would like to express my biggest concern:   The merchants at Steppes Warlord.   Surely there is some other location on site that will protect them from the huge losses they have faced each year that I have been attending. ( that has been four years ).  We all enjoy the wonderful bargains that are presented to us but, these people have got to make a living.   To keep prices affordable, most of these merchants have no insurance to cover their loses and,  only one catastrophe like Warlord, can put them out of business permanently.  Is there a safe area for the venders to set up ?  Those of us camping can strike a camp in short time frame but, the merchants have a much more difficult time.  They need our protection.  I do not have the money to compensate the merchants for their losses but, I would gladly give up prime space to make sure that they are safe.   My horses " jump " into the trailer and I can move them to safety quickly at a moments notice.  I have yet to see books and other merchandise " jump " into a trailer or, to safety without a person spending " HOURS "  to pack and move !!!   This being said, I will await for next years games and be back !!

Lady Guenhavre

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