[Ansteorra] Darius' Song

Eva Mehlhose alexscribe at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 27 18:45:29 PDT 2003

Subject: [Ansteorra] Darius' Song

> My Lord Darius - permission to keep for posterity, please??
> Your Stellar Majesty - I do humbly beg for the release of Master Darius
> the Tower, believing that his small efforts at levity in the face of a
> difficult situation will help your subjects return to their normal daily
> lives just a little happier, and certainly that will enrich You and Your
> Kingdom.  Although Darius may have in the past (and given half a chance,
> future) annoyed You and your Stellar Parentage with such ditties, they
> really are amusing, after all . . . . .
> gerita

seconded.....could not help the thought of.....
Gunthar moves to my fair and dry (at least in recent years) lands of
Atenveldt and ...
....Estrella War drowns in heavy rainfalls....
We evacuated just about all of Caid and Outlands in a night, but,
fortunately, we did not have to end the war prematurely.
Gunthar was not at Potrero as he had said he planned on going, so , I was
wondering if he had snuck out to his former home for a 'surprise

...ducking and running away now....
Maestra Alex the Scribe
Barony of SunDragon

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