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Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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>        I wrote a poem this weekend in honor of Rosalia's elevation to the
> Order of the Pelican.
> With the storm I never had the chance to perform it, so I'm posting it
>        Congratulations Mistress Rosalia.
>                    Those Who Serve
>                                by
>                    Robert Fitzmorgan
> Knights in polished armor, banners waving in the breeze.
> Lancelot and Roland we recall their names with ease.
> Who polished all that armor?  Who wove those banners gay?
> There work is seldom mentioned their names are lost today.
> At Agincourt the archers slew the Frenchmen by the score.
> Outnumbered wet and weary the English won that war.
> Who made all those arrows?  Who spun strings for all those bows?
> Though their efforts helped to win the day their names nobody knows.
> The Baron with his vassals marching off to war.
> The knight who takes the cross and sails to a distant shore
> With their ladies left behind them safe within the keep.
> With the long forgotten watchmen who protect them while they sleep.
> The heroes we remember, Kings and Dukes, Lords and Knights.
> The great and glorious battles, the legendary fights.
> My friends I'm here to tell you what the legends never say.
> A nameless host stood behind each "One" who won the day.
> An Ansteorran warrior is a great and glorious thing.
> Our kingdom has great heroes many deeds of which to sing.
> Sing a song to praise that fighter who stands for our great land.
> But remember too the marshall who stands with staff in hand.
> When the warrior strides upon the field and raises up her shield.
> Don't overlook the herald who called her to that field.
> Or the one who made her surcoat that makes her look so grand.
> Or the steward who is hoping the event will go as planned.
>        Mistress Rosalia I dedicate these lines to you.
>        And all who serve our kingdom and all the work they do.
>        A poem, a few words of praise, the least that you deserve.
>        So I take my pen and raise my voice to honor those who serve.
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