[Ansteorra] Volunteering (WAS: Warlord)

Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Wed May 28 05:06:17 PDT 2003

Stefan li Rous suggested:

> For many SCA events I've been to over the years (since 1988), the
> organizing group mounted security patrols. The Estrella War and Pennsic
> come to mind. It may be that, like field heraldry, the amount of this
> particular activity has fallen off over the years. Perhaps because of
> less and less volunterring, which seems to be happening.
> While such patrols can not be everywhere at once, they do help cut down
> on the thievery just by their possible presence, especially in parts of
> the site often lacking folks during certain hours, such as campsites in
> the middle of the day.

We had them at Warlord.  During the storms, they were more concerned with
helping people stay safe than running off looters - who, happily, were also
battened down and not much of a problem.

The real problem is that many of the early arrivals for First Monday are not
honourable, and will scavenge whatever they can.  Security patrols cannot be
everywhere!  And when stuff washed downstream, it was sometimes a race
whether the SCA or First Monday people would get there first.

Yes, we don't have enough volunteers, especially at night.  At Estrella this
past year, they were desperate for people to work security, the cry went out
time and time again.  I have worked there and at Gulf Wars and Pennsic.
Even with double points for overnight duty, there aren't enough people to
work security shifts.  Most people want to party at night, or are tired from
the day and want to sleep.  There are too few volunteers when they are most

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