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Regarding the mundanes at Warlord.

I understand that these people are modern day gypsies. And I do not
begrudge them their right to be so. Many of them are decent and good
human beings with the wanderlust gene. However, my understanding was
that the First Monday merchants are not allowed onto the site until the
Sunday before First Monday weekend. This weekend was a full 2 weeks
before First Monday! And, there were twice as many First Monday
Merchants behind troll as I am used to seeing the weekend immediately
before the war. I would hope that in all the conversations that are had
with the Canton site managers, that this is discussed.

In Service,


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Steppes had our own security patrolling and I understand we hired an
off-duty Canton police officer for the part of the night. As far as to
shady looking people, that describes half the SCA. We have had problems
with some of the mundanes, but not all of them. We did have a box of
jewelry (the type that would be easily saleable) returned, after the
flood, by one of the mundanes. Some of them are different, in many ways
they are our modern day gypsies, some good,some bad. Several years ago,
I ran out of gas, in the middle of the night of the Will Rogers Turnpike
and the people that stopped and went and went and got me gas (and
wouldn't take any money for it) were what many people would call shady
looking. To me they just looked liked many of my friends.


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