[Ansteorra] More Thanks and Wordfame

ylwrose2 at juno.com ylwrose2 at juno.com
Wed May 28 17:57:54 PDT 2003

There were many more unsung heroes Saturday night and Sunday morning than
have so far been mentioned.  You know who you are.  There are many whose
names we will never know.

Two in particular I would like to thank are:

a red-headed gentle named Asgar, who said he is from Stargate.  While I
was tending the Hall Sunday morning, Asgar came in at least three times
that I know of.  Each time, he was bringing "Flood and Found items" to
add to the ever increasing collection.  Thanks to the scavenging efforts
of this gentle, many people will be able to retrieve valuables (when they
are finally catalogued and listed).

Another gentle who deserves wordfame is Ian MacLeod, a student of Count
Aaron.  Not only did he help me, he also came in with "Flood and Found"
items as well.

Both of these men deserve accolades for their efforts in helping others
by locating items that were washed away.

In addition, I would like to thank everyone who volunteered floor space
in their hotel rooms for those who were flooded out, before we could get
permission to keep the hall open all night.  Most especially to the most
generous Duquesa Isabella of York, our guest from he East Kingdom.  Thank
you, Your Grace for your compassion.

In Service to the Dream
Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino
Barony of the Steppes

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