[Ansteorra] Of SCA membership interest

Muirchu Faolon at plaiddragon.net
Thu Apr 8 21:39:25 PDT 2004

Greetings All,

	First off I'll not bother with reposting a letter we have all
read by now. 
	I personally hold no arms or right to arms at this time, though
I have been in the SCA for some time now. (Please bear with me as my
point should become apparent.) The reason for this is that I feel that
anything that shall be used to represent myself should be thought about
long and hard, not just ventured into lightly as something that looks
cool to wear. (Please do not take this as a smite on anyone, that is not
it's intention.) to that end I feel that others have put considerable
thought into their personal devices. To this end I would suggest, for I
am by no means a peer, that perhaps a split field (currently not allowed
by SCA standards as I am led to believe) possibly off set by either
crown or kingdom might be an acceptable compromise. This would in turn
represent the merging of houses and/or lands and allow both devices for
king and queen to be displayed prominently and equally as one.

	This having been said I do feel there is validity in what the
Laural Soveren has stated, but in fact. With the merging of houses and
lands it was not unheard of to utilize split field. Cadences in and of
themselves are fine and by no means demean ones arms, but in the case of
having made king and or queen by right of arms should not ones personal
arms and the arms of a consort be displayed. To this end I ask the
Laurels for clarification.

Faolon Muirchu

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