[Ansteorra] Banners for Crown Tournament

rachel luce rachel_luce1975 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 11 08:07:33 PDT 2004

      I have 4 swallow-tailed banners that I made about a month ago. Each is @ 6 feet long. Will that help? -Rachel
p.s. I still have the wool cloak I made for the Raven''s Skald. I couldn't get it to Huntsville before the event. Who won the Bardic and do we have that person's mailing address?

Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd <isobail at ev1.net> wrote:

Crown Tournament is fast approaching..

If any group in the kingdom is in possession of banners (or anything else) bearing the Kingdom device and would be willing to loan them for use at Crown Tournament (April 30 - May 2) please contact me at isobail at ev1.net to make arrangements for pickup and return.

It would be wonderful to see as much brilliant display of Ansteorran Gold and black as possible.

In Service I remain.

Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd
Steward Crown Tournament

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