[Ansteorra] AFTY Communications help

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Sun Apr 11 08:21:03 PDT 2004


I have been asked by Master Richard Fairborne, the Steward of AFTY to 
assemble and operate a radio communications system for use at AFTY.

I have the equipment aspects well in hand, however, I will be needing some 
operators for the event.

I am seeking folks that are either Amateur Radio Operators (Ham) or folks 
that have experience with operating radios or those that wish to learn.

Shifts will be 3-4 hours each. Mostly sitting someplace at a radio. Duties 
will include talking on the radio, answering the phone (in some cases), 
keeping notes of calls, needs and seeing that those needs are passed onto 
the correct person via the radio or some means.

Operators will be needed from Thursday morning July 8th to sometime in the 
afternoon Sunday, July 11th.

So you can see that quite a few folks will be needed to handle the operations.

There will be night duty and day duty. All at the great rate of pay of a 
hearty thanks from your Kingdom, the AFTY staff and me.

It is a very simple job and a way to help out the event.

I will be posting a sign up sheet of shift slots as we get closer to the event.

If anyone is interested helping do this, please email, phone me direct for 
more info.

I have several folks that have already spoke to me about helping. This is a 
great start. I do asks that those folks re-contact me via email since some 
time has passed.

Just FYI, we will be using commercial radio equipment and  the system is 
well in hand.

I need operators to run the system now.

Thank you in advance.

In Service,

HE Niklas Vasilevich

Baron of Raven's Fort
Ansteorrian Twenty Fifth Year
Special Projects Coordinator

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Huntsville, Texas                       Baron of The Barony Raven's Fort
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