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Actually that would be a good way of solving the across site communication gap for emergencies also. Most of the time the little personal radios don't have the range necessary t be effective, some of the emergency response Ham operators have been holding drills up here in OKC, it might be a good way to get more practice for those are Ham ops to get practice working with other groups. If we have enough interest. Discretely of course.
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Date: 2004/04/11 Sun AM 11:33:13 CDT
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Subject: [Ansteorra] Communications stuff...a thought....

Hi again.....

I had just be emailing with another Ansteorrian that is also a Amateur 
Radio Operator (ham).

He suggested if there any Ansteorrians out there that are also Hams that 
would want to.....how about getting together a Special Events HF Station 
for AFTY?

We will have a communications center or we can set up the HF station 
someplace else for a couple of days of operation.

Get some special event QSL cards and it might be a neat way to share the 

Something to think about. I will be happy to help, but may not have time to 
coordinate it.

Any takers????

HE Niklas
Raven's Fort

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