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Amanda Morris catanruhd at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 06:20:26 PDT 2004

May I suggest that you speak with Lord Vincenzo Celleni, the new Artisand of
Elfsea? (HUZZAH, Vinnie!!!) He does beautiful work.

Email me at edreese at swbell.net and I will get the two of you together.


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Thank you for the suggestion. In browsing their site, it doesn't appear that
pillaged village has what I'm looking for, which is something along these
(  http://www.cloakmaker.com/clasps.html  ) lines, but in copper.

(They're to close a ghawhazi coat)

Thanks for your time and suggestions,


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From: "Hillary Greenslade" <hillaryrg at yahoo.com>
> Not sure exactly, what type of 'clasp' you are seeking, as there are many
possible descriptions,
> but you may want to check out the Pillaged Village, found at Gulf Wars,
and at:
> http://www.pillagedvillage.com/
> If what you are seeking is a button, Mistress Rondinella has scads of
them, and I understand she
> may be at the Stargate Baronial event, April 17th.
> If you are seeking a very simple pennannular brouch with little
ornamentation made from copper
> wire, then I can teach you how to make one. :-)
 Good luck, Hillary Greenslade -Stargate

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