[Ansteorra] Sable Shield

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I added the qualifier "Premier" in my post as I recalled HRM comment that
these were the first gentles so honored. I missed the "Edict" portion of the
announcement and the implications that had on the award. My apologies.
Nevertheless, I was pleased to see TRM's desire to honor such service.

Lord Elfsea

From: "Bob Dewart" <gilli at hot.rr.com>

> Well, we have a number of members who have been there and done that.  Well
> they also be so recognized?  And if it's just for the reign, what's the
> point of Primiers?
> Gilli
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> Subject: [Ansteorra] Sable Shield
> > Just a bit of clarification, The Sable Shield is non-armigerous and was
> > created by Edict of TRM to honor and thank those who have served
> > in overseas lands (ie those in the Military).  What this means is that
> > Sable Shield is not an ongoing award and that it only is in effect for
> > duration of their reign.
> >
> > Don Modius, OP, OL

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