[Ansteorra] A & S Display for Crown Tournament

Jan Aarons loveofhalesworth at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 20:13:00 PDT 2004

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Crown Tournament

A & S Display and Insignia Display/Collection

April 30, May 1 & 2

Barony of Ravensfort

I would like to invite everyone to come out and participate in our A & S display and Insignia display/collection. The display will begin around 10am on Saturday May 1st. and will end sometimes around 2 or 3pm. This will be a display only as well as a collection of Insignia for Crown. Each individual displaying an item will receive largess. No documentation will be required but a short description of the piece will be required. I would like to encourage everyone to display their items with documentation and for the person displaying their item with documentation and receiving the most favorable comments will receive additional special largess and much word fame.

A & S Display


1. Ansteorra history

2. Argent (this year will mark our silver anniversary as a kingdom)

Documentation is not required but a short description of the piece will be required. 

I will provide parchment and quill for your description.

Insignia Display/Collection

Please document your Insignia on the note cards provide with your SCA name and group so when we collect them at the end of the display they can be given to the Crown. 

I wish to ask for donations of largess for our people displaying items in the A & S display. I will have a basket at the end of the A & S display table to collect your donations. I will also have a piece of parchment beside the donation basket for you to sign your name. You do not have to put down what you have donated unless you want to but I would like for you to write your name so I may give a special thanks to each person who makes a donation. 

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot for your display please contact me at loveofhalesworth at yahoo.com.

In Service to the Barony and the Dream,

Love of Halesworth

Minister of Arts & Science

Barony of Ravensfort


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