[Ansteorra] loaned blanket

Karen Calhoun kmcalhou at garlandisd.net
Wed Apr 14 10:48:07 PDT 2004

To the fine young gentleman that loaned us his blanket at Spring Faire:

The Lady Marguerite and I would very much like to thank you for your generosity of the use of your blanket on Sat. at Elfsea Spring Faire.  It kept us warm and dry during the last half of the list.

We wanted to return the blanket to you before we left, but we couldn't find you.  We felt that your kindness would go unrewarded if we left it as lost and found.  How may we send the blanket and our thanks to you?

Please contact me offlist at kmcalhou at garlandisd.net .

Our many thanks to you.

H. Lady Ekatarina Iadorovna Kharlampieva
known as Katya 

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